18 Best TED Talks for Team Building

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Jim Tamm is number six on the teambuilding.com list of the top TED talks for team building. TED talks for team building are informative presentations that explore various aspects of team dynamics. These presentations feature thought leaders and business authorities sharing their expertise. By sharing online videos of past TED talks, you can introduce your team members to valuable ideas …

Jim Tamm Reveals His Secret To Mitigating Workplace Conflict for Increased Productivity

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 Jon Stojan Contributor, USA TODAY, Published Sept. 1, 2023. Conflict is inevitable and normal. Handled well it improves productivity; handled poorly or shied away from causes trouble. As much as most business owners and managers are aware that workplace conflict exists, they often shy away from these conversations. According to Jim Tamm, a collaboration specialist, conflict avoidant and passive aggressive …

Jim on the CIIAN podcast

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“If you’re trying to build collaboration or solve problems, or build relationships, and you start getting defensive, it’s like throwing blood in the water to a shark. It just creates a feeding frenzy.” That’s Jim Tamm talking in this episode of Conflict, Power & Persuasion about the importance of controlling our own defensiveness. Posted March 1, 2022 on the Canadian International Institute …

On Collaborative Commons podcast

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Scott Winter interviews Jim Tamm, founder of the Radical Collaboration program and author of the book, Radical Collaboration: Five Essential Skills to Overcome Defensiveness and Build Successful Relationships.

Jim on Wanda Wallace podcast

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Collaboration is listed as a core cultural value in many organizations. Yet, many fall far short of creating a truly collaborative culture. Where is your organization and your team? What can you do the foster greater collaboration? One of the highest downloaded podcasts, we are diving deeper for more advice and greater insight.

RCTC in Sweden

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A new group of Radical Collaboration trainers in Sweden, bring the total number of Certified RC Trainers in Sweden up to 190. Congratulations to the new trainers as well as our Master RC Trainers Elisabeth Flodin and Mis Segebo, for their outstanding job at the RCTC.