Online Follow-up Program

Dear Radical Collaboration workshop graduates,

I want to tell you about a new online follow-up program that I’m very excited about, called Radical Collaboration Daily Practice™ (RCDP).  

Why we created RCDP

From the very origins of the Radical Collaboration workshop, we have seen strong evidence that a serious follow-up program can dramatically improve collaborative skills after attending the Radical Collaboration workshop.  Back in the late 1980’s when we started this journey, I saw first-hand that regular follow-up to our training was a key aspect of its success.  More recently, this was reconfirmed by comparisons between follow-up surveys of two European companies, SEB and Martin & Servera.  Both companies rolled out similar Radical Collaboration workshops.  Both companies used the same follow up survey to measure gains in effectiveness.  SEB produced remarkable increases in effectiveness with just the Radical Collaboration workshop.  Martin & Servera, however, produced gains that were approximately 30% higher than SEB.   I believe that was directly attributable to the strong follow-up program at Martin & Servera.  

Over the years we have had many requests from clients for help with follow-up after a workshop.  Constantly recreating one-off customized follow-up programs for individual clients was not easily scalable.  As a result, Malou Laureys (an RC Master Trainer) and I have developed the RCDP.  

What is RCDP?

RCDP is a 34 week long online follow-up program.  It will only be offered to individuals who have already attended the Radical Collaboration workshop.   It is not meant to replace the RC workshop or compete with it in any way.  The purpose of the program is to build upon and cement the skills from the RC workshop.

The program consists of a series of lessons cycling through each of the 5 RC skills several times.  Each lesson is two weeks long.  Lessons start with a video presentation with Malou and me discussing some aspect of one of the RC skills.  Participants can then download a page of Key Learnings from the video.  The lesson then offers two exercises for the participants to complete. 

Halfway through each lesson, participants will access an audio file with a brief centering exercise and a reflective exercise.  There is a third exercise which is optional, for individuals wishing to explore the lesson in greater depth.  One of the most important parts of the methodology is having each participant discuss their learning with another person, a buddy. So, at the end of each exercise there is a reflective exercise called a Learning Box, which participants can share in regular discussions with their buddy.

Integration weeks

Several times during the 34 weeks we include a one-week period we call an integration week, where we do not have any new exercises.  The integration weeks serve two main purposes.  First, it is a time for participants to catch up on any lessons they did not finish.  It is also a time for your own local RC trainer, if they choose, to hold local follow-up events by scheduling face-to-face follow-up meetings, webinars, Q & A sessions with their own workshop participants, or to schedule one-on-one coaching if they provide coaching.


The per participant cost of the program to depends on the quantity purchased.  Many programs of this length routinely sell for between 750€ to 1,200€.  However, we have tried to keep the price low and are offering substantial quantity discounts to make it attractive for companies to buy in bulk, rolling it out to all employees.  See the chart below for the discount schedule:

  • For sales of 1 to 9 participants 550 euros each
  • For sales of 10 to 24 participants 385 euros each (30% discount)
  • For sales of 25 to 99 participants 330 euros each (40% discount)
  • For sales of 100 to 199 participants 275 euros each (50% discount)
  • For sales of 200 or more programs Call us for custom pricing

Exploring the RCDP

We appreciate you taking the time to learn about RCDP and have included a link to a 7-minute video explanation and sample of the program.  

RCDP video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HF9zjCa4s_s

If you have any questions or interest in the program please contact your local Radical Collaboration certified trainer, or contact Jim Tamm at jimtamm@radicalcollaboration.com . We look forward to hearing from you.

My best,

Jim Tamm